Principal's Message

Welcome to Nicholson Syrian Central School, a school started in the year 2007 with a commitment to excellence in education.


Nicholson Syrian Central School was started as a centenary project of Nicholson Syrian Girls Higher Secondary School. NIC is a small school with a large vision. Education at Nicholson goes beyond the letters in the page of a textbook, and students emerge as confident young individuals, ready to face the challenges of the 21st century. We inspire our students to question and learn by doing, we give them the skills, courage, optimism and integrity to pursue their own dreams. In doing so, our students develop into confident, creative and caring adults who pursue interesting and challenging careers.

Learning takes many forms at Nicholson. Each student achieves his or her own potential in the classroom, art room, sports field or on the stage. Being a small school, there are several opportunities for each individual to explore and hone their unique talents. We encourage all our students to persevere, participate and take responsibility for their own development. Through the years at Nicholson our students are happy to come to school, as each day is an adventure, with something new and exciting to engage them.

Children today need role models, books, fine arts, field trips to broaden their horizons. The school has taken several steps to ignite the spark in young minds to think beyond and to become independent in the path of new learning. The school is striving to shape minds who can touch many lives and remind us what true leaders are all about.

'Rise and Shine' is our dream for every child who is a part of our institution, building every day with inspiration and warmth, reflecting every morning as a blessing from Lord Almighty to live, grow and inspire.

May God be praised, honored and glorified through the life of our children and of our own. When live and skill work together, expert a masterpiece. We are all the masterpiece of the Creator.

Mrs.Jaya Sabu Oommen